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23 November 2011 @ 03:17 pm

Once upon a time, I ventured in a forum for about seven years. And throughout the time, I would often see others sporting icons relating to their fandom. Nothing wrong with fandom but for someone like myself, I'm not a huge fandom person (not to mention that there are a few fandoms I'm actually in to that's not normally talked about there). Upon my travels from one icon place to another on LJ, I happened on a lot of gems that would normally put me out of place with the rest in the forum. And so it did. As an oddball with strange tastes, it suited me and confused the others. Since then and leaving the forum, I am now venturing in to the underground bellies of the internet in search of the curious, the strange, and the totally bizzare. After some thought and a lack of sleep, I have now opened up what one may call an antique or oddities store of icons.

So run off, tell your friends, your relatives, and that rhinoceros that keeps running by your neighborhood. Please feel free to listen to some of the music in the playlist provided while looking around for the icons. They may change once in a while when time permits.

Also, check out my Amazon Wish List for things I want but know I can't afford. And no, you are not obligated to buy me anything from my wish list nor am I asking/soliciting you to buy! I'm just putting it up there for the sake of admiring! If you are generous to buy, then hey, that's pretty cool. But then again, some of them are priced in the thousands and in this economy, I'm pretty sure no one is up for it. Otherwise, just check it out and admire.

But before you head off, here's some ground rules that need to be laid down:

+Members Only! This is not because of the unwillingness to be open but for some security in case the LJ universe gets hit by hackers and to somewhat decrease the risk of hotlinking. You are free to join if you can handle the occasional risque contents but I do keep an eye on things. All and all, it's the only way you'll get access to the delectable morsels.

+No hotlinking! It will kill the Photobucket account pretty quick. Unless all of you are willing to front the bill and afford me a Pro Account for Photobucket, which I honestly do not have! Right click + save (or a Mac equivalent) is your best friend followed by uploading it to your own server. If you don't want to waste your computer memory space, buy a USB stick and save your icons there. Honestly, it's actually more convenient in case your computer does crash.

+No modifying icons. They are not base nor stock-related. You can find your stock goodies at your nearest stock photo bonanza.

+Credit and link to ominousenigma so others may come, hopefully join, and see what craziness is in store.

If you're an icon comm and really up for it, message me [angel_boogiepop] rather than commenting only because eventually, this posting would get lost in to the back pages. If you're up for using stamps, here is mine: