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The Ominous Enigma
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Icons of the creepy, funny, odd, bizzare, obscure and dark

Postings and updates every weekend unless noted.

Ground Rules
+Starting January 6, 2012, will be a Members Only comm.

+No hotlinking! Curse upon you if you do! Hotlinking is stealing bandwidth and anyone having a Photobucket non-pro account will have it pretty bad in not being able to continue to provide icons because people keep taking it and posting straight to whatever it is their posting. If anything, right click and save to your computer (may work differently for Mac computers). Or if you’re desperate to save memory on your computer, simply buy a USB stick and save it there. Your computer may crash one day but you got that USB stick as a back up for next time, eh?

+No modifying icons. They are not base nor stock-related. You can find your stock goodies at your nearest stock photo bonanza.

+Credit and link to ominousenigma so others may come, hopefully join, and see what craziness is in store.

Writer, photographer, artist, and lover of all things odd and bizarre.

Had once frequented a forum where majority of the users had an icon pertaining to their fandom. Yours truly isn't a huge fandom person, really. I often venture to other places to get the most odd and bizarre icons just so I could differentiate myself from the majority. After leaving the forum and having met some people who run their own icon comms, I decided to venture further in to the unknown to find the dark, the odd, the bizarre, and to keep things a little light, funny ones. Yes, this icon place isn’t full on 100% doom and gloom. Occasionally, a fandom icon would be thrown in to the mix so long as it's not typical fanfare.

Unfortunately, I rarely do animated gif/gif icons simply because I don’t know how to make them. The ones I use were acquired by skilled friends over the years. The gifs that are in the batch are made by me or I got lucky with the gif re-sizer program (I don't know how to reduce their file size).

As for where the pics come from, they are not hard to find if you know what to type and where to look. However I try my best to credit if I know the artist behind the icon.


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